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Alovsat Muslumov                  

Alovsat Muslumov is professor of finance currently working as a Chief Financial Officer of Union Grand Energy. He previously held positions as a professor of finance in Dogus University, Istanbul (2001-2008) and Istanbul Bilgi University (2009-2010). He has also served as visiting professor at Bogazici University, Yeditepe University, Azerbaijan State Economics University and ADA University.

He is a prolific author and researcher, having written four  books and published more than 50 articles in academic journals and conference proceedings.  He focuses much of his study on macroeconomic transmission mechanism, financial development, financial regulation, privatization, market efficiency, mergers, SMEs and corporate governance issues.

Muslumov has received numerous awards and honors. He was the 2003 recipient of Best Paper Award given by Young Businessman Association of Turkey (TUGIAD) and 2003 recipient of Best Paper Award given by Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association (TKYD). He was also the youngest professor  (received the position in 2008 at the age of 32) ever in Turkey.

Muslumov served as consultant to Yapi Kredi Bank, Akbank, Vakifbank and Dun&Bradstreet for risk management and NAB Group of Companies for corporate development issues. He held positions as Member of Executive Board and Chief Financial Officer  for Intersun Group of Companies. He was also Chairman of Intersun Academia. Besides of his CFO duties, his responsibilities included formulation, development and implementation of strategic framework, strategy map, business process management, performance management system, ERP tool selection and implementation.

Muslumov holds a BA from Istanbul University, a MBA in finance from the Istanbul Technical University, and a PhD in finance from Bogazici University, Istanbul.

Muslumov is a father of four. He is an avid chess player and completed 1600 chess games  starting from October 2007.

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